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Conference News

SOA World Magazine announced today that nominations are now open for the SOA World Magazine Readers' Choice Awards, which recognize excellence in the software, solutions, or services provided by the industry's top vendors. SYS-CON's Readers' Choice Awards, also known as the 'Oscars of ...
In light of today's explosive IT infrastructure growth and complexity, organizations are increasingly adopting virtualization as a means of consolidating IT resources, simplifying management, and minimizing overhead. One of the most complex issues facing VMware users trying to fully ca...
Brian Stevens, the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering of Red Hat, delivered his Virtualization Keynote 'The Future of the Virtual Enterprise' at SYS-CON's Virtualization Conference & Expo 2007 West in San Francisco. 'Virtualization is the hottest subject today,...
Like any other major change in the data center, migrating to virtual infrastructure can impact the user experience. As a starting point, you need to ensure that performance standards have been maintained. However, monitoring physical system resources does not provide an indication of t...
Software AG is the world's largest independent provider of Business Infrastructure Software. The company's 4,000 global customers achieve measurable business results by modernizing and automating their IT systems and rapidly building new systems and processes to meet growing business d...
Every major enterprise technology vendor has developed its own SOA strategy, supported by innumerable mid-size companies and start-ups offering specific SOA aspects or entire solutions. Submit your speaking proposal today to discuss your SOA strategy at SOA World Conference & Expo on J...
Server virtualization is great for the data center in so many ways that it's easy to see why it's so popular. It reduces hardware costs, makes server provisioning far more flexible and ensures IT can be more responsive to business needs. At the Virtualization Conference & Expo 2007 Wes...
The Group discussed open source trends in systems management. Panel participants discussed both the benefits and precautions to take when investigating open source management software. Nora Denzel recently retired from Hewlett Packard as the senior vice president and general manager of...
The success of open source software has been placing pressure on the business models of proprietary software vendors. In response, many software vendors have shifted from a paid-for license model to an open source business model. This presentation will explore the emerging trend of pro...
Today's identity management systems help organizations gain control over identity information in the enterprise, however, these systems are silos - and despite industry standards, there is very little interoperability. The Bandit project provides open-source identity services that redu...
While enterprise open source vendors continue to debate the definition of 'open,' customers are listening. Not because they care as much about what open source business model a particular vendor uses but because our debates give them reason to be confused and to consider the FUD that i...
Join us for an interactive discussion presented by Scalent Systems, as we address the big three challenges facing server failover - software configuration, network connectivity, and storage access - and contrast several different approaches, from traditional backup to the use of virtua...
Disaster Recovery 2.0 (DR 2.0), incorporates new technologies that will help organizations better prepare for a disaster, at a lower-price point. One of the main aspects of implementing a solid DR plan is adding virtualization capabilities. Virtualization is already a mainstream tool f...
With the immediate need for exposing Web services from portals and Web applications, the various RIA (Rich Internet Application) development environments are proving to be rapid enablers. This session takes a look at AJAX techniques and Microsoft ASP.NET SharePoint Webparts that facili...
Open source has made significant inroads into middleware deployments in the enterprise. More and more, open source is being used to deliver the benefits of SOA and open source to the enterprise. This session explores where open source is getting the most traction in SOA deployments and...
This is happening right now in many organizations and it extends beyond the introduction of collaboration technologies, such as wikis and blogs, to the next level of workplace interactions. Business - New software products will allow information workers to freely mix application data...
In this session we'll talk about the notion of the Universal SOA, and how to prepare your SOA to see the outside world, and the emerging Web. It's clear that many of the services we consume and manage going forward will be services that exist outside of the enterprise, such as subscrip...
The original goal of the service-oriented architecture (SOA) concept was to build flexible, loosely coupled systems. That meant removing or lessening the runtime dependencies between components or endpoints. One of the best, if overused, examples of loosely coupled systems is the way t...
The momentum behind service-oriented systems is intense and the hype machine is in full swing. Consequently, it is tempting to believe that if you slap a SOAP/REST/JSON/etc., wrapper around all your enterprise systems, you will be able to cash in on the service-oriented ROI. The fact i...
SOA is becoming the prevailing choice for IT enterprises and the success of this transition to an SOA is based on quality of the SOA governance solution. This session will highlight why SOA governance is crucial for the successful transition to SOA. It will also discuss how to build po...
The Reference Model for SOA is an OASIS standard. It provides a vocabulary for service-oriented applications that allows people to achieve a common understanding when they talk about services. This talk will explain how to use the reference model in discussions with vendors, stakeholde...
In this session Frank Cohen will introduce the technologies that go into a SOA development stack, including composite applications, application servers, ESBs, Master Data Management, registry/epository, XML parsers, Workflow engines, databases, and protocols. Called the Base Computing ...
According to Gartner, 80 percent of data transfer is done via FTP. A time-consuming and unreliable process born from the mainframe, FTP regularly impacts e-commerce and supply chain orders and processes, unnecessarily disrupting business and jeopardizing revenue. ESB alleviates the lat...
As companies embrace SOA and begin breaking apart monolithic applications, the question of how to control and secure access becomes mission critical. How do you take advantage of the flexibility inherent in a SOA while ensuring that component services are properly secured and managed t...
Two trends in applications architecture - AJAX RIA on the client side and service-orientation on the server side - are enabling powerful enterprise solutions that can be leveraged in diverse business environments. In this session, Michael Peachy will use real-world case studies to demo...
The integration approaches of today's content management systems, where solutions are individually programmed against each of the proprietary APIs, cannot scale and the Enterprise Content management (ECM) industry is answering that call through the development of standardized programmi...
The landscape of Web Services, and the shape of the SOA Infrastructure is changing. Widespread adoption of SOA concepts has gripped the attention of IT organizations worldwide, causing most to charge headfirst into strategic architecture and planning efforts that will have their long r...
To deliver quality SOA applications, enterprises need to focus their efforts on complete, collaborative, and continuous testing. The continuous aspect of testing is of specific importance due to the perpetual changes that occur as services evolve. Continuous testing is essential not on...
This session will dive straight into the middle of a real-world open source SOA implementations, showing how all the facets of how the SOA Big Rules are attained within the solution. This will cover an in-depth walkthrough, by example and demos, of: How to implement large XML Schema-dr...
There is much talk about policy and governance and in many organizations, governance by fiat is the norm. Some end users refer to it as 'management by showing the door,' or 'my way or the highway' management. As SOA expands beyond the scope of IT and into business federations, life-cyc...
This presentation will demonstrate a fully integrated and secured service-oriented architecture (SOA) using WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere ESB, WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere MQ, Workplace Forms, WebSphere Portal and Tivoli Access Manager - all integrated together. We will ex...
We expect a lot from SOA. We want business agility to support growth, attention to customers and efficient, collaborative operations. But you can't expect what you don't inspect. Composite applications that are constantly changing call for a new testing paradigm to assure that business...
'Services' are everywhere, from internally focused SOAs to public services from Federal Express, eBay, Amazon and Google. But there's no 'User' in 'SOA'. And delivering services to business users can get harder when enterprise application requirements for security and availability are ...
The confluence of several mature architectural paradigms with new user-centric paradigms will drive the next generation of IT. Next-generation IT will be based on the combination of model-driven architecture and service-oriented architecture applied to applications, information deliver...
Complex Event Processing software provides the foundation for making an SOA event-driven. CEP software in an SOA environment offers re-usable processing and analysis services that are available for all applications to leverage. This approach de-couples event processing logic from the b...
British Telecom Openreach Portal is one of new breed open-source portal platforms that have embraced new and futuristic technologies to provide an unparalleled service to end customers. BT Openreach Portal provides the facility for UK-based communication providers (CPs) to manage and s...
Apache Tuscany provides an open source services infrastructure for building SOA. It's based on the widely supported Service Component Architecture (SCA) specification. With the Tuscany implementation of SCA, application developers can easily create or reuse services in different langua...
Java expert Mark Hansen provides a practical introduction to using Java Web services and AJAX to implement SOA. Mark covers creating, deploying, and invoking Web services that can be composed into loosely coupled SOA applications. He begins by reviewing the 'big picture,' including the...
This session will discuss the feasibility of adopting SOA in an organization, and what needs to be in place in order to undertake a successful SOA implementation. The discussion will include applicability of SOA standards; incorporation of technologies such as BPM, business rules, inte...
It's time to get busy. With WS-BPEL 2.0, the SOA community now has a robust, pervasive orchestration standard. Using BPEL, it's fast and easy to integrate service endpoints and deliver high-powered composite applications. Learn how organizations are putting BPEL to work to drive real v...

SOA World Latest Stories
Modern software design has fundamentally changed how we manage applications, causing many to turn to containers as the new virtual machine for resource management. As container adoption grows beyond stateless applications to stateful workloads, the need for persistent storage is founda...
"NetApp's vision is how we help organizations manage data - delivering the right data in the right place, in the right time, to the people who need it, and doing it agnostic to what the platform is," explained Josh Atwell, Developer Advocate for NetApp, in this SYS-CON.tv interview at ...
The Jevons Paradox suggests that when technological advances increase efficiency of a resource, it results in an overall increase in consumption. Writing on the increased use of coal as a result of technological improvements, 19th-century economist William Stanley Jevons found that the...
In his session at 20th Cloud Expo, Mike Johnston, an infrastructure engineer at Supergiant.io, discussed how to use Kubernetes to set up a SaaS infrastructure for your business. Mike Johnston is an infrastructure engineer at Supergiant.io with over 12 years of experience designing, dep...
Skeuomorphism usually means retaining existing design cues in something new that doesn’t actually need them. However, the concept of skeuomorphism can be thought of as relating more broadly to applying existing patterns to new technologies that, in fact, cry out for new approaches. I...
In his session at 20th Cloud Expo, Scott Davis, CTO of Embotics, discussed how automation can provide the dynamic management required to cost-effectively deliver microservices and container solutions at scale. He also discussed how flexible automation is the key to effectively bridging...
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According to industry analyst firm Gartner Group, by 2008 more over 60% of enterprises will use SOA as the guiding principle when creating mission critical applications and processes. "Businesses that ignore the potential of SOA will be outpaced by rivals who improve their agility and transform themselves into new kinds of enterprises," says Gartner's Yafim Natis.
 SYS-CON.TV Coverage of SOAWorld Keynotes
Miko Matsumura: Time Oriented Architecture: Evolution by Design?
Brian Stevens: The Future of the Virtual Enterprise
Kevin Brown: Leveraging Desktop Virtualization for Security, Manageability and Usability Beyond the Perimeter
 Video Coverage: SOA World 2007 Power Panel
SOA World Power Panel 2007 with Fred Holahan, Dave Mavashev, Asankha Perera and Ian Thain

ALL NEW FOR 2008 - DataServices World!

DataServices World explores enterprise and Internet computing technologies that enable us to operate with SQL, XML and disparate data sources. The conference presents architectures and solutions for building robust applications and services for transaction processing, information integration and much more!
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SOAWorld Magazine focuses on the business and technology of service-oriented architecture and Web services and targets enterprise application development and management. It is the leader in delivering technical and strategic insights on the worldwide adoption of Web services as the key distributed computing paradigm, as those services are deployed through SOAs.


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